Yes, But Hunger Never Satisfied

Years ago as I walked down the streets of Atlanta, daily, I would encounter beggars and those displaying signs which read “Hungry” or “Need money for food.”  This is commonplace in larger cities and, no doubt, you to, have been exposed to similar experiences.  Many times, this is a rouse to get money and, therefore, there is one way to determine if they “really are” hungry.  Offer to take them and buy them a meal, at that very moment.

                 When money is given to a street beggar, it is possible that his hunger is for something other than food.  Like Jack Daniels or one of his cousins.  Or, perhaps, they are seeking money for drugs.    In all of the multiple years of passing these beggars, not one ever accepted my invitation for a hot meal.

             A lot of people are hungry for the wrong things and that wrong hunger distracts from the things of righteousness.  Ironically, a hunger after righteousness is the only way that satisfies the hunger for peace in the soul.  That seeking of worldliness distracts to the point of starving the soul to spiritual death.

            Beware of the condition of your soul and certain that it is well nourished with the things from above.


Luke 21:34; Rom. 12:2; James 4:4


                                                                                                                          In Christ,