Unmatchable Strength

The farther down one goes, in the ocean, the greater is the pressure exerted by the sea.  Therefore, farther a human being travels downward in the sea, that pressure would squash their body.  Flattening it, like unto a pancake.

Upon the sinking of the Titanic, divers sought to reach the wreckage but the pressure upon their bodies was too intense, given the depth.  It became necessary to make the investigative trip by way of a mini, pressurized submarine.  The submarine’s interior maintains a pressure greater than the outside force of the water, thus, preventing the vessel from being crushed.  With the inside pressure being greater, the outside pressure can be withstood.

As Christians leave church, each Sunday, they go into the world with all of its pressures.  They are under pressure at work, at home, at school, at social events and in innumerable circumstances.  Satan is seeking to apply the pressure to crush.  Those pressures cannot be stopped any more than the pressure of the ocean can be stopped.  That is the nature of going deep in this world.  But…greater is the pressure inside of a Christian than the pressure outside.  If one goes deep on the inside, then, when the outside pressures come, one will not cave in.  The inner pressure, the Spirit of God, has unmatchable strength.                                                    

  In Christ,