Turn Over Control

    Since automobile accidents account for the leading cause of civilian deaths, in this country, states are, constantly, initiating safety campaigns.  For instance, the well known program of “Don’t Drink And Drive.”       It’s concept promotes the idea that if one is going to choose to drink, they should, likewise, plan for a sober person to drive them home.  So by choosing to get drunk, one agrees to relinquish control and his right to drive.

            Or, the “Click It Or Ticket” program, which encourages motorists to observe the law that requires the wearing of seatbelts, like them or not.  The law is designed to reduce serious injuries, and death, when motor vehicle crashes occur, by preventing the occupants from being thrown about within the automobile, or ejected.  To obey this law is to waive one’s choice regarding whether or not to wear this restraint.

            To be filled with the Holy Spirit, God’s gift to the redeemed since the Day of Pentecost, is to, completely, turn over control to someone else, as well as it being an act of obedience.  It is to relinquish, mind, soul, and being to the absolute will, governance, and guidance to God’s very own Spirit.  It is to let the Holy Spirit buckle you in, safely, and to do all of the driving.  To be filled, by the Spirit, is to surrender self will.


Matt. 10:39; Rom. 12:1; Eph. 5:18

                                                                                                                                                                          In Christ,