There Will Be Decay

When I go to the dentist, as infrequently as possible, I spend extra time brushing, scrubbing, and flossing my teeth.  I take extra care, in order to make a good impression in the eyes of my dentist.  The only problem is, that, he is not satisfied with my good works.  Not how much I brushed, scrubbed, or flossed.

            When I sit in his chair, he looks deeper.  He takes x-rays of my teeth and, then, uses sharp instruments to probe between my teeth, where he discovers things that I never knew were there.  Things that I thought that I had taken care of on my own.

            The reason for this difference is that my dentist is operating on a different standard than I.  We can brush and brush our teeth but if we do not get the stuff out, that is down deep, there will be decay. The core of a problem must be eliminated in order for the problem to disappear.

The Bible declares that, even on our best days, we, still, have stuff under our gums and in between our lifestyle.  On our best days, we cannot satisfy the demands of a holy God. We, simply, are incapable of achieving the demands of perfection without being perfect.  Only, in Christ Jesus, are we made perfect in the Father’s sight for Jesus paid the price.  His Spirit, in our submission, will probe the depths of our being to bring us forth to His standard.

I Samuel 16:7

In Christ,