The Big Picture

    Within the current concern over the coronavirus, alarm, and anxiety seem to be running rampant.  Extraordinary, and often extremely irrational, behavior is on display.  It seems that the focus, universally, is upon the virus and its affects.

            I know that most of us detest sports analogies, but, my thoughts went to the activities of a quarterback, when the offense is off of the field.  Have you noticed that during that time, the quarterback has put on headphones?  He is talking with a member of the team’s staff, who is located high up in the broadcast booth.  This man is an offense coordinator.  Why is this communication taking place?

            Well, the answer is, really, quite obvious.  This person, being situated up high, is looking down upon the field of play with a clear perspective of the actions of the defensive plays of the opposing team.  The quarterback, who is low on the field, is limited in his view as to where the defensive players are located, and moving, as he attempts to move his team down the field.  The person, high up, can see the big picture, and areas of vulnerability, in order that they can be conveyed to the quarterback. He, then, is better informed; more confident and aware of that which is occurring beyond his vision.  The more the quarterback is in touch with the coordinator, the better he can deal with the situation on the field.

            Satan is trying to stop our forward progress down here, with circumstances that create anxiety and fear.  Through chaos, he causes panic, and panic creates fear.  When fear is established it becomes the focus. And vision is limited.

            But, God sits high up, looking low.  He has made promises of security, provision and protection to those that belong to Him, in Christ.  As believers, we need to put our headphones (prayers) on the re-assurance from the One that “sees the big picture.”

            The Old Testament instructs to “fear not” a total of 365 times; one for each day.


Ex. 14:13; Eph. 2:6; Heb. 4:13

In Christ,