Many people have a GPS system in their car, or on their cell phone.  The Global Positioning System has the ability to tell a driver where they are physically located or to provide directions to a desired location.  These units have an audible voice and a map display upon a screen.  On that map is a red dot or, perhaps, a symbol designating one’s current, physical position.  Further, this dot, or symbol, moves along the displayed map as one progresses toward the desired destination.  As the movement is reflected upon the map, the voice will give instructions regarding lane changes, traffic merges, stops and turns along the route.

                  While riding with a friend, he activated his GPS and punched in our destination.  As we travelled, he would follow the word.  The word would say, “turn right at the next intersection,” and he would turn right.  The word would say, “turn left, in 1000 feet, into Chesnutt Street”, and he would turn into Chesnutt Street.  Each action, in response, brought his driving in line with the word and the movement toward our destination was progressing smoothly.

                  Then, he decided to see what would happen if he did not follow the instructions of the word and, upon the next command, he performed totally opposite of the instruction.  Immediately, the GPS realized that we were moving in the wrong direction; a direction away from where the word sought to lead us.  The word said, “re-routing,” and began giving instructions as to how to return to the correct path.  If we had continued to rebel, or resist, the instructions of the GPS, we would have been lost.  As we followed the corrective instructions from the word, we returned to the correct course, and the sought goal.

                  It dawned upon me that God desires that His Spirit, GPS, guide our path in compliance with His will and way.  The Bible, the Word, is the audible road map by which His Spirit performs that guidance.  And the Word will convict us to re-route our path when we move in the wrong direction.  Additionally, His Spirit will provide the encouragement, and strength, through the Word, necessary to rejoin and resume His appointed path.  That spiritual GPS is an internal part of a born again Christian.

Proverbs 3:5-6; 4:11

                                                                                                                                                                          In Christ,