Quit Quitting

The father was concerned that his son never stayed focused, or committed, to anything that he attempted.  The son so easily gave up on every pursuit and quit.

            Therefore, the father sought to encourage the youngster to persist, even when things became difficult.  So, he said to his son, “Son, you give up too quickly on things.  You have got to hang in there when things get tough.”  As the father continued, he said, “Look at Abraham Lincoln.  He did not quit.  Look at Thomas Edison.  Despite his many failures, he did not quit.  Look at General Douglas McArthur who continued until the World War was won.  He did not quit. Then, he said, “Look at Elmo Dingle.” The son said, “Wait a minute, dad, who is Elmo dingle?”  To which his father responded, “See, he quit. No one knows him.  He gave up. He failed in his expectations.  He fell short of the potential, and the strength, that he possessed.”

In the Christian walk, there will, always, be stumbling blocks.  Temptations and tragedies will be used by Satan to attack one’s faith, in an effort to get them to “give up.”  Peer pressure is one of the Devil’s greatest methods of infiltrating the lives of believers, to cause them to take their eyes off of the goal, and, yes, give up the commitment to Christ.

            The thing lacking in the young boy was persistence and will power.  Persistence in the will of the Father, through the Holy Spirit, by whom we have been empowered, is in the responsibility of a follower of Christ, in obedience.

            Praise God for His love in providing the strength of Christ, through the Holy Spirit, “to do all things.”


Gal. 6:9; Heb. 10:36


                                                                                                                          In Christ,