Alfred Nobel, a Swedish physicist, was the creator of dynamite.  His intentions were forward thinking and for the purpose of expediting construction.  Specifically, he wanted to create an explosion that would move, and clear, rock for road construction and the laying of foundations for buildings.  In essence, he sought to create a force that would make life better.

            But, as is, often, the case, some took this useful and productive product and used it for destructive purposes; to kill people and make war.  The negative use of his invention, cause Nobel to be highly depressed.

            As a reaction to the diabolical, and inhuman, use of that which he had created for good, he placed nine million ($9,000,000.) dollars into an account.  Thereafter, he began awarding cash prizes and public recognition to those that took actions to promote peace.  As you no doubt are aware, this annual award has become known as the Nobel Peace Prize.  Such recipients are acknowledged, world wide, as ones seeking peace not war.

            Among the disciples of Christ, God is looking for some Nobel Peace Prize winners.  Those that He can bless and reward as peacemakers, one of the attributes of a Christ follower, designated by Jesus in His Sermon On The Mount.  Peacekeepers among the people regarding the trivia of life.  While at the same time as the matter of doctrine and biblical instruction, we are directed to remain firm, and unwavering, against heresy and false teaching.  To be peacekeepers in the human experience but steadfast promotes, and protectors, of the gospel, is among the callings of the redeemed.


Matt 5:9; Rom. 14:19; James 3:18

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In Christ,