In The Word

                When one is in trouble with the law, he does not want a law book.  He wants someone who knows how to deal with the law contained within the law book.  He wants a lawyer.             When one is sick, they want more than a medical book that describes the symptoms of a disease.  They want a doctor with the knowledge of how to treat that disease.             The information, and knowledge, contained within a book is for edification.  Its, simple presence within a book, is of no value unless the material is appropriated and utilized.  Remaining confined to the book, leaves the contents useless and impotent; of no use.             Likewise, if the information contained, within the book, is not understood by the reader, again, it is of no value.  In such a case, there must be someone who does understand the concepts, in order to interpret and disseminate the meanings.             That having been said, a Bible left unopened is but a dust catcher.  Its content, unexposed, has no impact or influence.  It has no significances.             If one says I do not understand that which the Bible says, the answer lies in allowing the Holy Spirit, who does understand, to provide discernment.             In any endeavor to learn, effort and desire is involved.  Since obedience is a requisite of discipleship, one must know the will of God and His ways. Such can, only, be determined through prayer and His Word, the Bible.  How misinformed Christians can be when they fail to spend time in reading, and absorbing, the Word of God.  As such is a necessary part of the Christian walk.  Let us become devotees to the Word. John 1:14, 6:63; I Cor. 1:17

In Christ,