From the Pastor’s Heart – 9/17/2017

In some businesses, professions, and media operations, employee contracts include what is known as exclusivity clauses.  These exclusivity clauses provide that the employee is prohibited from engaging in any activity that would involve competing relationships or competing loyalties.  In many cases, those provisions extend for a period of time, even, beyond the employment relationship, for a specific period of time.  The employee’s total allegiance, efforts, and talents, are owned and committed to the employer.

 What God calls for in the first commandment, is exclusivity.  He demands that there be no competition for the allegiance, efforts, and talents of one who claims redemption, through His grace.  Because of His mercy, whose mercy was not due, God has every right to require such exclusive commitment.

 Ex. 20:3-5; Deut. 6:4

                                                                                                                                     In Christ, Mike Whaley