From the Pastor’s Heart – 7/9/2017

 I know someone that, regularly, drives their car to its fuel capacity’s limit.  When you get into their car the first thing that you check is the fuel gauge, for they tend to, most often, drive on the fumes left in the tank.  It seems as though there is a thrill attached to being able to reach a gas station just before the engine stalls for lack of fuel.  What frustration and anxiety must be wrought by living “on fumes,” when one could get gas before the tank reaches empty.  Sounds reasonable, does it not?

 Yet, spiritually speaking, many people live their lives “on fumes.”  For to live a prayer-less life is to live life on mere fumes.  A prayer-less life is, solely, dependent on human efforts and resources, which are finite and insufficient.  Consequences, and ultimately, the fuel to deal with the trials and tribulations of life, are soon extinguished.  Prayer is the means of accessing divine fuel, to confront and overcome, in the power of Christ, life’s difficulties.  Why run through life, on fumes, when His unlimited fuel for victory, is available, since running on spiritual fumes, leads to dangerous and needless anxiety and defeat?  Salvation brings freedom and peace.  Prayer is a means deepening our relationship, in Christ, and the depth of that peace and freedom. 

So, keep your tank filled!

                                                                                                                                          In Christ, Mike Whaley