From the Pastor’s Heart – 7/23/2017

It is not difficult to, sometimes, forget about the consistency and faithfulness of God.  Yet, without fail, He is, always, constantly present and consistently faithful, whether we see Him or not.

I was considering the activity of the sun.  Since the beginning of time, the sun has been present, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  All year long, all decade long, all century long, the sun just continues to shine.

Yes, the earth does, regularly, turn dark at our location causing us to ask, “how is that possible if the sun’s light is constantly, without failing, putting forth light?”  Well, of course, we have learned that the earth turns upon its axis, allowing only the side facing the sun to receive light, at any given time.  The sun had never moved and its light was never extinguished.  Rather, the earth had moved.

When darkness consumes our lives, and takes over, God has not moved.  He is, still, present with His grace, to provide the strength of sustainment, comfort, confidence, and victory, in and through the darkness, to the victory in His light.  God, the Father, never, moves.  The movement is, always, on our part.  We move out of His will.  We move into areas of conflict.  We must crave a constant focus upon the model and teachings of Christ.  The farther one gets from light, the more dim it becomes, and the less and less the light affects the darkness.  Look for, and follow, the Light!


Isaiah 57:15; James 1:17

                                                                                                                               In Christ, Mike Whaley