From the Pastor’s Heart – 7/2/2017

Patriotic men do not shrink from danger, when one’s conscience points the path.  Troubles and obstacles do not override, regardless, in the face of that which is “right.”  It was this philosophy, that gave birth to our great nation:  valor in the face of adversity, morality despite the costs; a nation whose birthday we celebrate in the coming days.  For “right,” is the history of America and its established foundation.  Because of that foundation, God has blessed this land.  This week, we celebrate the wisdom of that origin.

So, likewise, is the case with one’s personal life.  It is the foundation, upon one builds their life, that the strength of that life is determined.  Like a building constructed upon sand, with an unstable and unsettled foundation, it will slip and slide, and deteriorate, if not properly grounded.  Whereas, a building established upon a foundation of stone will be, firmly, grounded.  So, it is with one’s life.  A life, fully, grounded upon the “right” of scripture will have the foundation of strength to sustain life’s storms that rock its stability.  For the focus of “right” will stay the course.

Compromise erodes the foundation of a nation.  We are seeing this affect upon the moral and patriotic compass of America. Devastating and corruptible affects; due to compromise. At the same time, compromise by a Christian, weakens his strength, and power, and blurs the lines of “right,” as established by the foundation of Christ.  If that life is not established, firmly, upon Him, that life, too, will crumble.
Independence Day, is an apt opportunity for us, as Americans, to reclaim our patriotism and rise up to demand “right,” in morality and truth in our land, for they comprise the basis of freedom.  Independence Day is a day for Christians, also, to be reminded of our “freedom” in Christ.  Freedom from the consequences of sin and freedom not to fear anything of this world.  We, as believers, are free to speak the truth, on every issue, pursuant to the teachings of Christ and the Word of God.  For that is our foundation, and must not be compromised or weakened.

May we become “true” patriots of this great, God blessed land, and be committed to its virtues and standards before the world. May we become “true” spiritual patriots (disciples) of our Living Savior, as we, aggressively, proclaim His gift of love and salvation through His mercy and grace.

As America, once found for its freedom, we must continue to be “soldiers” to fight the fight of maintaining it.  As soldiers “of Christ, we are to “fight the good fight,” against the force of evil, that all may know His “true freedom.”

God bless America as, we, draw America back to the God of our blessings!

                                                                                                                                          In Christ, Mike Whaley