From the Pastor’s Heart – 7/16/2017

The other day, I dropped my pen and made a spiritual discovery.  If I am holding my pen and let the pen “have its own way,” the law of gravity takes over.  If my pen could speak, it might have said, “Leave me alone.  Let me have my own way.”  But, the reality is that, even if the pen is independent of my hand and desirous of its own way, it will not be independent of the law of gravity.  So, because of gravity, it would fail, in its independence.

Similarly, the world says, “Sure, go ahead and be independent.  Please yourself.”  However, the law of the flesh will, in fact, determine your direction and course of action.  You will be destined by this law and not be, truly, independent.

When I reach down to pick up the dropped pen, there is another law at work.  My picking up the pen does not cancel the law of gravity but it is overridden by the power I have to lift it off of the floor.  Gravity, in this circumstance, is still in effect, but it is just not ruling.  In this case, I have the power, not gravity.

 Likewise, a life in the Spirit, is a life empowered to overcome the law of the flesh.  The law of the flesh, sin and temptation, remains present, but it has no sufficient power to compete with the overwhelming power of the Spirit.  Living in the Spirit is to live victoriously.

 Romans 8:2; Hebrews 7:18-19

                                                                                                                                In Christ, Mike Whaley