From the Pastor’s Heart – 6/25/2017

 I know that when we travel, I frustrate Judy because, regardless of the duration of the stay, I do not unpack my suitcase.  I live “out of” that suitcase, rather than putting my clothes in the bureau drawers.  Why?  Well, I am not coming there to live!  I am just “passing through.”  Sure, I will enjoy my stay, yet, not get too comfortable.  My “home” is St. George Island and I am eager to get back to my home.

When I travel out of the country, I want just enough knowledge of their language for my convenience.   I am not going to spend the time, and energy, necessary to master the language of the culture, because I am not going to be staying there.  I will be going home.  Back to St. George.

The problem that overtakes people, including Christians, is that we tend to make this world “home.”  We unpack our bags and become, deeply, absorbed in the culture around us, forgetting that this world is not our home.  For Christians, our home is heaven, and this life is one through which we are just “passing.”  We are just staying for a short time.

Therefore, our time and energy should be focused upon “home,” the place that will be our eternal habitation.  That preparation should include learning to praise and worship the living Lord.  That investment in “home” should be acknowledgement of Him and the proclamation of salvation that others might join us there.  Preparation means a life of action and example, of one worthy of such an eternal abode.

It is time for Christians to divest themselves of the energies and time put forth in this temporal place  and concentrate them, upon our future “home.”  Let us “be” and “act” as kingdom people and inheritors thereto.


John 14:2; I John 2:15-17

                                                                                                                                    In Christ, Mike Whaley