From the Pastor’s Heart – 6/18/2017

At the height of the bombing, during the blitz of London in World War II, the story is told of the efforts of many to scramble into a bomb shelter.  A father descended the ladder but his young son remained at the top of the stairs, staring into the darkened hole below.  The father could see his son illuminated through back lighting, but all the boy could see was darkness.  He, definitely, could not see his father.

From the midst of the darkness, came the father’s voice saying,  “Son, daddy can see you.  Jump, and I will catch you.”  A father is to be one in whom trust can be placed.  Trust that is earned and, therefore, can be relied upon.  That is the privilege and responsibility of every earthly father.

Our Heavenly Father has established that standard.  Down through history, He has, repeatedly, proved that trust in Him, is well founded and rewarded, as time and again, He has rescued His own.

There are times, when, all we see is darkness.  Sometimes it is the result of human folly, and sometimes it is the result of the sin of the world.  At such dark times, the only resource is a leap of faith.  The child, above, knew he could “jump into darkness” because he knew that he could trust his father.  Likewise, the Heavenly Father, the commensurate father, is dedicated to His children.  And, He will “catch” them beneath His “everlasting arms.”

We, men, are called to be “God-like”, in fatherhood, by example, through obedience, teaching, and the formation of trust.

                                                                                                                                 In Christ, Mike Whaley