From the Pastor’s Heart – 5/7/2017

 I believe that there is a misconception regarding human wisdom.  In truth, wisdom is a prize, only, available to those willing to exert the effort to seek and find it. Wisdom differs from one’s IQ. For many of us seniors, we remember the delight of finding a prize in a box of cereal.  But, the prize would, always, be in the bottom of the box.  Many a child would begin to dig through the box, only to be told by their mothers to remove their hands.  The mothers would advise that the prize could, only, be acquired by eating the cereal, first.  The job of eating was necessary to attain the prize.  It could not be, easily, obtained by, simply, rooting around in the cereal.

 So, it is with the ascertainment of intellectual wisdom and truth.  Things are not, always, as they appear on the surface and require, in depth, inquiry and study to seek out the truth.

 The wisdom of God, and scripture, comes from concerted study, under the submission and tutorage of the Holy Spirit.  It does not come by a superficial reading, or perusal, but by an intense desire to understand and gain true wisdom.  That is the calling of a follower of Christ, to discover the “mysteries” and their revelations.  Without that wisdom, much of the blessings of being adopted into the kingdom of God, are, tragically, missed.

 Therefore, become a “student” of the Word and a “seeker” of wisdom, for self-edification and understanding, and for the glory of God.

Proverbs 2:4; 23:23

                                                                                                                                 In Christ, Mike Whaley