From the Pastor’s Heart – 5/28/2017

I much enjoy touring really old cemeteries.  It is fascinating to note the ancient dates and inscriptions, as well as the elaborate decorations affixed to the headstones.  The first thing that one notices is that there are two dates, separated by a dash.  The first date represents the deceased date of birth, while the last date marks their date of death.  In essence, the dash reflects what occurred between their birth and their death.

 As I gaze at a tombstone, and everything about it, such as the art work and decorations, I am, always, drawn back to the dash.  As I look at the dash, I wonder what their life was like.  I wonder about “who” they were and “what” they accomplished in life.  I contemplate who they loved and who loved them, as well as, what impact they had on others.

One day, while looking at one of these forgotten tombstones, it dawned upon me that just as I was looking at the dash, that, the dash, is exactly, what interests God.  God looks at the dash!  He is concerned with what we do with the life that He has given to us.  If we have accepted, in His mercy and grace, the gift of salvation, what have we done during “the dash” for His kingdom?  Has our life been a living testimony?  Have we, continually, shared the gospel among the lost?  Has our priority been to lift up the name of Christ as a source of forgiveness, comfort, and peace?  

 So, the, ultimate, question for each of us, and the question that would confront us in heaven, is…what does your dash look like?

Matt. 25:14-30

                                                                                                                                     In Christ, Mike Whaley