From the Pastor’s Heart – 4/8/2018

Everything that we do with our bodies, is controlled by the brain.  The brain is the “computer like” organ that channels the communication that directs the actions of our motor functions, our speech, and the remainder of our bodily operations.  If a portion of the brain is damaged, those things controlled by that area of the brain, can no longer be summoned to act.  When the whole of the brain is dead, all of the activity of the parts of the body must cease, for lack of direction. For the body and the brain work in concert.  When the brain is dead, likewise, is the body.

In addition to the physical responsibilities of the brain, the brain is the source of the human will and the seat of the spiritual.  It is up to the reasoning, and acceptance, of the brain to acknowledge the spirit of the Living Lord, and recognize His mercy in redemption.  The brain, the person, has the freedom to choose through free will.

The function of the brain to consent to Christ, as a Savior, is an eternal decision.  The rejection, by the consciousness of the brain, of God, is as though that part of the brain were dead and the effect, in actuality, is eternal death.  Death in unrepentant sin and suffering, the consequences of that rejection.  Salvation demands surrender of the heart, mind, and soul.

I Cor. 2:16
                                                                                           In Christ, Mike Whaley