From the Pastor’s Heart – 3/4/2018

There is an interesting phenomenon in nature that I find fascinating.  There is a particular specie of wasps that stings spiders.  When it stings the spider, the sting will paralyze the spider for a short period of time, during which, the female wasp will deposit her eggs in the abdomen of the spider.  When the spider awakes, it will have wasp eggs in its belly but be totally oblivious to that reality.

The spider will go about its business of doing what spiders do; making webs.  However, after ten days, the eggs in the abdomen of the spider will start to secrete a substance that causes the spider to alter its inherent behavior.  The spider will cease to make webs, and start making a cocoon.  Crazy, right?  Who ever heard of spiders making cocoons?  That is just not the activity for which spiders are known.  But, as a result of this particular wasp, they will make cocoons, involuntarily, because of this foreign element that was introduced into them.  Upon completion of the cocoon, life will come from the eggs, and, in so doing, will kill the spider.  The baby wasp will live in the cocoon that never should have been constructed by a spider in the first place.   And it would not have, but for the female wasp.

I am concerned that we have a generation of males whom, likewise are, not acting naturally.  Young males are being feminized and not taught the lessons of responsibility, respect, motivation, and accountability that are all tenets of scripture.  Older males are failing to meet the biblical obligation to be the head of the household and to lead their families, in action and example, in a Godly manner.  Christian men are not, affectively, mentoring young men in the ways of the Lord.  Men of all ages, God is calling you to your rightful place, as He has ordained, and each of us will be answerable for those obligations.

We men have allowed foreign elements into our lives that have shifted our focus and, like the spider, will result in spiritual death.  Oftentimes, these things slowly creep into our lives, or get omitted from our lives, and we hardly realize that we are carrying that burden.  It is time to “men up” in the lordship of our salvation.

 Proverbs 7:6-27

                                                                                                     In Christ, Mike Whaley