From the Pastor’s Heart – 3/25/2018

The Palm Sunday event was, unquestionably, the last hurrah of Christ’s earthly Ministry.  Luke reports (chapter 19:335-37) that they threw their robes over the donkey and helped Jesus to mount it.  That, as He progressed into Jerusalem, the crowds spread their robes upon the road, “praising God, joyfully.”

Four days from the day of pageantry, Jesus would be in the Garden of Gethsemane, and five days from that triumphant entry, He was on the cross.  How ironic that His mass acceptance and His complete denial were so close together.

The human condition, and spirit, is fickle and, we must not be deluded that Jesus was surprised by the change of attitude.  He knew the treacherous nature of mankind and the possibility of moving from hero to villain in a matter of days.  For despite the truth of those statements, it did not matter as Jesus knew the purpose for which He had entered the world, and the will of the Father, that He be the sacrificial lamb.  He knew that the triumph of one day would lead to the tragedy of another.  But, that tragedy would result in the greatest of all triumphs, victory over death, and the once, and forever, payment for sin.

John 2:23-25; Luke 19:35-37

                                                                                               In Christ, Mike Whaley