From the Pastor’s Heart – 2/25/2018

What could be worse than a man who becomes a millionaire, who does not understand the ramifications of his wealth, and lives as a pauper.  Likewise there is nothing worse than Christians who have been made spiritual millionaires, yet, live like spiritual paupers.
Material assets, within God’s plan, are to be used to benefit others and to advance the spread and cause of Christ.  Spiritual empowerment provides the ability to “do all things,” through faith; an awesome attribute.
But, as we look at the lives of some Christians, one would think that God had made, absolutely, no deposit of power into their account.  Physical money stored away, or spiritual power left unused are of no significance, despite their tremendous value.  Jesus said, “Lay not up for yourself treasures upon earth…moth and dust doth corrupt,” for it is, only, temporary.  Those in Christ receive “discernment, guidance, and judgment from the Spirit.”

All blessings come from God.  Both material and spiritual.  May we not waste any blessing and be obedient with the ones provided.

Eph. 1:3; 6-8; Matt. 6:21; I Cor. 2:13-16

                                                                                                 In Christ, Mike Whaley