From the Pastor’s Heart – 1/21/2017

The word providence is, truly, a big word.  For, as one once said, “providence is the hand of God in the glove of history.”  It is the work of God whereby He integrates, and blends, the events of the universe in order to fulfill His original design for which He created all things.

It is like God sitting behind the steering wheel of the vehicle of time.  For providence refers to God’s governance of all events, so as to direct them toward an end.  It might be like God taking what we might call luck, chance, mistakes, or happenstance, and weaving everything together to achieve His purpose or program.  When I consider the providence of God, I find re-assurance because it is a reminder that, in all things, God is, ultimately, in control because, as the architect of all things, all things are within His providence.  Where better to place one’s faith?

Gen. 50:20; Phil. 2:13

                                                                                                    In Christ, Mike Whaley