From the Pastor’s Heart – 12/10/2017

There is a legend, that years after the birth of Christ announcement to the shepherds, some of the older shepherds were trying to remember the song sang by the angels announcing that blessed event.  While sitting out on the hillside under the stars, the elders tried again, and again, amidst the dark, to recall the words and the tune.
At some point, a stray lamb could be heard calling for help.  Despite the cries, no one moved from around the fire.  Finally, a young boy, who would have been far too young to have heard the angels’ announcement that night, got up from the campfire and went out into the darkness.  After stumbling around in the dark, bruising his body and incurring lacerations, finely, found the distressed, and lost lamb.
Hoisting the lamb over his shoulder, the boy returned the missing lamb to the fold.  As he returned to the area of the fold the older men were astonished as they heard the boy humming to himself, the very song that was sung by the angels proclaiming the Savior…”Glory to God in the highest.”

Christmas is the occasion by which God intervened in history to provide a savior to prevent the destruction of mankind, in his own sin.  He who was welcomed in praise, by the angels, is to be received and honored, in praise for the Savior/Lord is worthy of praise.  Its eternal affect was, and is, worthy of recognizing, and declaring, the “glory of God in the highest.”

Luke 2:13-14

                                                                                                             In Christ, Mike Whaley