From the Pastor’s Heart – 1/14/2017

Ephesians 2:1 says, “And you were dead in your trespasses and sin.”  When some people hear that statement, they think that they were, or are, not that far lost or dead.  Yet, hell is the destiny just the same for each, and each needs the knowledge of that truth.  It is, as the old saying goes, one cannot be a little pregnant.  Born into sin, we are dead and lost, spiritually.  It is the responsibility of all Christians to disseminate, those truths for the sake of the eternity of the individuals.


Let me pose a question.  Let us say that I took you to a mortuary and that we went into the embalming room.  There, we observed two tables, upon each, which lay a dead body, having the blood drained from these, in order that the embalming fluid could be injected.  One body had lain there longer and decay had begun, not to mention that it was emitting unpleasant odors.  The other body, had just died, within the last two hours and, simply, appeared to be asleep, with no physical blemish or deterioration.

The question is… which body is the more dead?  One body looks normal and the other, due to decomposition, is ugly and gross in appearance.  But, neither is more dead than the other for the definitive of death is the “absence of life.”

Therefore, Ephesians points out that “any” person, without God, is dead!  Some people look good and are dead.  Some appear ok, but, are dead.  Others are ugly and dead.  Some appear happy, content, confident, and well adjusted but they too, are dead.  All of us, before Christ are in the process of decomposition and, as we who are redeemed know, the process of dying in sin can, only, be reversed through Christ, the life giver.

The Christian, and the church, must be convicted of the deadness of the masses and the need for the saving of lives.  Each of us, are being called of the Holy Spirit, a fresh and anew, to the Great Commission.

Christmas was God’s gift to overcome spiritual death, and God’s way of demonstrating His love for His creation.  Calvary was the alter of sacrifice and the resurrection was the affirmation of eternal life.

Ephesians 2:1-5

                                                                                                      In Christ,  Mike Whaley