From the Pastor’s Heart – 11/26/2017

If you take a poker and put it in a fireplace with a raging fire, the poker is just in the fire.  But, if you leave it in the fire, the fire gets into the poker.  If the poker is left in the fire for any length of time, the environment of the fire will rub off on the poker, so that it will become red hot.  It will not be red hot because it said, “Let me be hot today,” because it is in the mood to be hot, or because it stresses and strains to make itself red hot.  It became hot, red hot, because of where it was hanging out.  Not, only, does the poker get hot because the fire is hot, but if it is taken out of the fire and gets near something else, it will burn that something else.  Not because of the power of the poker, but because of the relationship of the poker to the fire.  Because the poker was in the fire, and the fire got into the poker, everything else is going to be set aflame.
If Christians are touching things and nothing is burning, nothing is changing, and there is no victory, it is because they do not understand that red hot power does not come through effort but through relationship.

God’s goal is Christ-likeness.  That is, being conformed to the character of Christ.  Christ-likeness, simply, means emulating the “who” of Christ, not because one is stressing or straining, but because, Christ is “in” you.  We can become “red hot” in our commitment and evangelism, by increasing our relationship with Christ, in prayer, study, and attention.  Then, we will affect all of those with whom we make contact.

 Phil 2:13; Rom 8:13

                                                                                                                                 In Christ, Mike Whaley