From the Pastor’s Heart – 10/29/2017

If you spend all your time, today, thinking about your failures or successes, yesterday, then, you will ruin your tomorrow.  When today looks too long at yesterday, we are borrowing from tomorrow’s time.

Yesterday is like a rearview mirror. When you go somewhere in the car, you use a rearview mirror.  A rearview mirror shows you what is behind you.  You need a rearview mirror, but you only need a rearview mirror to glance in, not to live in.  You do not, and cannot, move forward by focusing on the rearview mirror.  Forward motion requires focusing upon the windshield. To live in a rearview mirror, will hurt someone.  The windshield is a much larger piece of glass.  It reveals that, where you are going is much bigger than where you have been.  If yesterday is allowed to mess up today, it will ruin tomorrow.

While driving forward in the Christian life, every now and then, do look in the rearview mirror.  Take a peek but do not dwell there.  The look behind is for the purpose of assuring that, while moving forward, we will not make a wrong turn, or allow something from the past to overtake us.

Phil. 3:13-14

                                                                                                            In Christ, Mike Whaley