From the Pastor’s Heart – 10/22/2017

A man visited the doctor one day, as he was in excruciating pain.  When the doctor asked the man where he hurt, the man replied, “all over.”  He said there was not a part that did not hurt.  The doctor told the man to touch his own shoulder.  In so doing, the man hollered.  The doctor instructed him to touch his own thigh, which elicited a scream.  Next, the doctor told him to touch his forehead which produced, yet, again, a yell of agony.  The doctor replied, “I have never seen anything like this.  Let us try one more thing…touch your toes.”  As the patient touch his toes, he grimaced, “Oh, Doc, everywhere I touch I hurt.”  Upon further examination the doctor exclaimed, “No wonder, you have a dislocated finger!”

Many of us have experienced this phenomenon.  Everywhere we turn in life, seems to be painful; to hurt.  The cause, however, may be due to one specific area of hurt that is radiating into every other area of our life.  That hurt may be an active and unconfessed sin, a harbored guilt, or an unreleased grudge.

Like a cancer, that hurt will contaminate the whole of the life, unless it is, completely, removed.      The Spirit of God is the “great physician” that uses the scalpel of love and grace, to remove such a hurt.

Ps. 9:13; 25:19; 43:1

                                                                                                                        In Christ, Mike Whaley