Don’t Draw A Penalty

Have you noticed that all sporting events have boundaries?  The boundaries establish the lines, and space, within which the game is to be played.

            In football, sidelines and goal lines set forth the playing area.  Likewise, for tennis, baseball and all other sports, these confining lines invalidate the legitimacy of that which occurs outside of their limitations.  The boundaries are designed to maximize the game and to allow enjoyment of the competition.

            Picture a football player, not wanting to be tackled, run up into the stands, out into the parking lot, and through an adjacent building to arrive at the goal post?  Without boundaries there would be chaos.  If a game is to be played, it cannot be a free-for-all where the players are obliged to do anything that they wish.

            By the way with the Ten Commandments, God established boundaries, both to establish limitations and

 to maximize the game of life.

Ex. 20:1-21; Deut. 5:1-22


                                                                                                                          In Christ,