Book By Its Cover

 A friend once recounted an incident that occurred as he travelled on business.  He related that he walked into the lobby of his hotel where he observed a bowl of fruit, prominently displayed on a table in the center of the room.  He decided to grab an apple.  Upon biting into the delicious looking fruit, he was shaken to discover that the apple, into which he had bitten, was made of wax; a fair portion of which was in his mouth.  His quandary was, “what to do with it,” not to mention, the embarrassment that he was experiencing.  Should he place it back in the bowl with a bite missing?  Should he steal it so that no one would know what had happened?  The apple had looked so real! He had been, ridiculously, deceived by mistaking something artificial for something that was real.

          When one considers that which happened to my friend, we should not be surprised by many of the world’s fraudulent presentations that appear real, and true, and their deceptions are, often times, not discovered until it is too late to correct.

            Likewise, It is possible to have an artificial church, and there are many, that appear real, but, through compromise and distortion, are no longer New Testament churches.  Only their facade is Christian.  The core is not, and, tragically, many among the congregates are being misled, with eternal consequences. Also, the individual can cloak himself with a raiment that appears Christian, while, in truth, these manifestations are artificial: to have the real “look” but not be authentic. Remember the old adage that “you cannot judge a book by its cover.”

           Our authenticity is measured, only, by the teachings of Christ and the inspired words of scripture. The Bible constitutes the, only, measuring rod May, we, continually, allow His Spirit to measure and realign, our journey.

                                                                                II Tim. 3:11-5; II Peter 2:1

                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Christ,