The Big Picture

    Within the current concern over the coronavirus, alarm, and anxiety seem to be running rampant.  Extraordinary, and often extremely irrational, behavior is on display.  It seems that the focus, universally, is upon the virus and its affects.

            I know that most of us detest sports analogies, but, my thoughts went to the activities of a quarterback, when the offense is off of the field.  Have you noticed that during that time, the quarterback has put on headphones?  He is talking with a member of the team’s staff, who is located high up in the broadcast booth.  This man is an offense coordinator.  Why is this communication taking place?

            Well, the answer is, really, quite obvious.  This person, being situated up high, is looking down upon the field of play with a clear perspective of the actions of the defensive plays of the opposing team.  The quarterback, who is low on the field, is limited in his view as to where the defensive players are located, and moving, as he attempts to move his team down the field.  The person, high up, can see the big picture, and areas of vulnerability, in order that they can be conveyed to the quarterback. He, then, is better informed; more confident and aware of that which is occurring beyond his vision.  The more the quarterback is in touch with the coordinator, the better he can deal with the situation on the field.

            Satan is trying to stop our forward progress down here, with circumstances that create anxiety and fear.  Through chaos, he causes panic, and panic creates fear.  When fear is established it becomes the focus. And vision is limited.

            But, God sits high up, looking low.  He has made promises of security, provision and protection to those that belong to Him, in Christ.  As believers, we need to put our headphones (prayers) on the re-assurance from the One that “sees the big picture.”

            The Old Testament instructs to “fear not” a total of 365 times; one for each day.


Ex. 14:13; Eph. 2:6; Heb. 4:13

In Christ,


In The Word

                When one is in trouble with the law, he does not want a law book.  He wants someone who knows how to deal with the law contained within the law book.  He wants a lawyer.             When one is sick, they want more than a medical book that describes the symptoms of a disease.  They want a doctor with the knowledge of how to treat that disease.             The information, and knowledge, contained within a book is for edification.  Its, simple presence within a book, is of no value unless the material is appropriated and utilized.  Remaining confined to the book, leaves the contents useless and impotent; of no use.             Likewise, if the information contained, within the book, is not understood by the reader, again, it is of no value.  In such a case, there must be someone who does understand the concepts, in order to interpret and disseminate the meanings.             That having been said, a Bible left unopened is but a dust catcher.  Its content, unexposed, has no impact or influence.  It has no significances.             If one says I do not understand that which the Bible says, the answer lies in allowing the Holy Spirit, who does understand, to provide discernment.             In any endeavor to learn, effort and desire is involved.  Since obedience is a requisite of discipleship, one must know the will of God and His ways. Such can, only, be determined through prayer and His Word, the Bible.  How misinformed Christians can be when they fail to spend time in reading, and absorbing, the Word of God.  As such is a necessary part of the Christian walk.  Let us become devotees to the Word. John 1:14, 6:63; I Cor. 1:17

In Christ,



Alfred Nobel, a Swedish physicist, was the creator of dynamite.  His intentions were forward thinking and for the purpose of expediting construction.  Specifically, he wanted to create an explosion that would move, and clear, rock for road construction and the laying of foundations for buildings.  In essence, he sought to create a force that would make life better.

            But, as is, often, the case, some took this useful and productive product and used it for destructive purposes; to kill people and make war.  The negative use of his invention, cause Nobel to be highly depressed.

            As a reaction to the diabolical, and inhuman, use of that which he had created for good, he placed nine million ($9,000,000.) dollars into an account.  Thereafter, he began awarding cash prizes and public recognition to those that took actions to promote peace.  As you no doubt are aware, this annual award has become known as the Nobel Peace Prize.  Such recipients are acknowledged, world wide, as ones seeking peace not war.

            Among the disciples of Christ, God is looking for some Nobel Peace Prize winners.  Those that He can bless and reward as peacemakers, one of the attributes of a Christ follower, designated by Jesus in His Sermon On The Mount.  Peacekeepers among the people regarding the trivia of life.  While at the same time as the matter of doctrine and biblical instruction, we are directed to remain firm, and unwavering, against heresy and false teaching.  To be peacekeepers in the human experience but steadfast promotes, and protectors, of the gospel, is among the callings of the redeemed.


Matt 5:9; Rom. 14:19; James 3:18

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In Christ,



Many people have a GPS system in their car, or on their cell phone.  The Global Positioning System has the ability to tell a driver where they are physically located or to provide directions to a desired location.  These units have an audible voice and a map display upon a screen.  On that map is a red dot or, perhaps, a symbol designating one’s current, physical position.  Further, this dot, or symbol, moves along the displayed map as one progresses toward the desired destination.  As the movement is reflected upon the map, the voice will give instructions regarding lane changes, traffic merges, stops and turns along the route.

                  While riding with a friend, he activated his GPS and punched in our destination.  As we travelled, he would follow the word.  The word would say, “turn right at the next intersection,” and he would turn right.  The word would say, “turn left, in 1000 feet, into Chesnutt Street”, and he would turn into Chesnutt Street.  Each action, in response, brought his driving in line with the word and the movement toward our destination was progressing smoothly.

                  Then, he decided to see what would happen if he did not follow the instructions of the word and, upon the next command, he performed totally opposite of the instruction.  Immediately, the GPS realized that we were moving in the wrong direction; a direction away from where the word sought to lead us.  The word said, “re-routing,” and began giving instructions as to how to return to the correct path.  If we had continued to rebel, or resist, the instructions of the GPS, we would have been lost.  As we followed the corrective instructions from the word, we returned to the correct course, and the sought goal.

                  It dawned upon me that God desires that His Spirit, GPS, guide our path in compliance with His will and way.  The Bible, the Word, is the audible road map by which His Spirit performs that guidance.  And the Word will convict us to re-route our path when we move in the wrong direction.  Additionally, His Spirit will provide the encouragement, and strength, through the Word, necessary to rejoin and resume His appointed path.  That spiritual GPS is an internal part of a born again Christian.

Proverbs 3:5-6; 4:11

                                                                                                                                                                          In Christ,


Turn Over Control

    Since automobile accidents account for the leading cause of civilian deaths, in this country, states are, constantly, initiating safety campaigns.  For instance, the well known program of “Don’t Drink And Drive.”       It’s concept promotes the idea that if one is going to choose to drink, they should, likewise, plan for a sober person to drive them home.  So by choosing to get drunk, one agrees to relinquish control and his right to drive.

            Or, the “Click It Or Ticket” program, which encourages motorists to observe the law that requires the wearing of seatbelts, like them or not.  The law is designed to reduce serious injuries, and death, when motor vehicle crashes occur, by preventing the occupants from being thrown about within the automobile, or ejected.  To obey this law is to waive one’s choice regarding whether or not to wear this restraint.

            To be filled with the Holy Spirit, God’s gift to the redeemed since the Day of Pentecost, is to, completely, turn over control to someone else, as well as it being an act of obedience.  It is to relinquish, mind, soul, and being to the absolute will, governance, and guidance to God’s very own Spirit.  It is to let the Holy Spirit buckle you in, safely, and to do all of the driving.  To be filled, by the Spirit, is to surrender self will.


Matt. 10:39; Rom. 12:1; Eph. 5:18

                                                                                                                                                                          In Christ,


There Will Be Decay

When I go to the dentist, as infrequently as possible, I spend extra time brushing, scrubbing, and flossing my teeth.  I take extra care, in order to make a good impression in the eyes of my dentist.  The only problem is, that, he is not satisfied with my good works.  Not how much I brushed, scrubbed, or flossed.

            When I sit in his chair, he looks deeper.  He takes x-rays of my teeth and, then, uses sharp instruments to probe between my teeth, where he discovers things that I never knew were there.  Things that I thought that I had taken care of on my own.

            The reason for this difference is that my dentist is operating on a different standard than I.  We can brush and brush our teeth but if we do not get the stuff out, that is down deep, there will be decay. The core of a problem must be eliminated in order for the problem to disappear.

The Bible declares that, even on our best days, we, still, have stuff under our gums and in between our lifestyle.  On our best days, we cannot satisfy the demands of a holy God. We, simply, are incapable of achieving the demands of perfection without being perfect.  Only, in Christ Jesus, are we made perfect in the Father’s sight for Jesus paid the price.  His Spirit, in our submission, will probe the depths of our being to bring us forth to His standard.

I Samuel 16:7

In Christ,


Driving Miss Daisy

 One of the most famous of stage plays, and later a highly successful movie, was “Driving Miss Daisy.”  Miss Daisy would enter the back seat of her 1949 Hudson Commodore Custom Eight, four door sedan, tell Hoke, her driver her desired location, and he would transport her there.  One can assume that most of the desired destinations, and the routes by which to get there, were known to Hoke.

            However, if, as the driver, he was not familiar with a proposed location, or the means by which to arrive there, he would have two options.  One, he could consult a map, as paper maps were readily available and supplied for free.  Option number two was to ask someone for directions.

            When the Bible says, regarding the Holy Spirit, “He will guide you into all truth…”and be”…carried along by the Holy Spirit,” it is like saying that we are to let the Holy Spirit take the wheel of our life; to be our driver.  For the Holy Spirit will know God’s ways and the path our lives are to follow.

            We are, in submission, to be passengers to the leading of the Holy Spirit, the One appointed, by God, upon to us for that purpose, in addition to comfort, discernment, and strength.

John 14:15-21; 16:7; II Peter 1:21

                                                                                                In Christ,


Book By Its Cover

 A friend once recounted an incident that occurred as he travelled on business.  He related that he walked into the lobby of his hotel where he observed a bowl of fruit, prominently displayed on a table in the center of the room.  He decided to grab an apple.  Upon biting into the delicious looking fruit, he was shaken to discover that the apple, into which he had bitten, was made of wax; a fair portion of which was in his mouth.  His quandary was, “what to do with it,” not to mention, the embarrassment that he was experiencing.  Should he place it back in the bowl with a bite missing?  Should he steal it so that no one would know what had happened?  The apple had looked so real! He had been, ridiculously, deceived by mistaking something artificial for something that was real.

          When one considers that which happened to my friend, we should not be surprised by many of the world’s fraudulent presentations that appear real, and true, and their deceptions are, often times, not discovered until it is too late to correct.

            Likewise, It is possible to have an artificial church, and there are many, that appear real, but, through compromise and distortion, are no longer New Testament churches.  Only their facade is Christian.  The core is not, and, tragically, many among the congregates are being misled, with eternal consequences. Also, the individual can cloak himself with a raiment that appears Christian, while, in truth, these manifestations are artificial: to have the real “look” but not be authentic. Remember the old adage that “you cannot judge a book by its cover.”

           Our authenticity is measured, only, by the teachings of Christ and the inspired words of scripture. The Bible constitutes the, only, measuring rod May, we, continually, allow His Spirit to measure and realign, our journey.

                                                                                II Tim. 3:11-5; II Peter 2:1

                                                                                                                                                                                                 In Christ,


Unmatchable Strength

The farther down one goes, in the ocean, the greater is the pressure exerted by the sea.  Therefore, farther a human being travels downward in the sea, that pressure would squash their body.  Flattening it, like unto a pancake.

Upon the sinking of the Titanic, divers sought to reach the wreckage but the pressure upon their bodies was too intense, given the depth.  It became necessary to make the investigative trip by way of a mini, pressurized submarine.  The submarine’s interior maintains a pressure greater than the outside force of the water, thus, preventing the vessel from being crushed.  With the inside pressure being greater, the outside pressure can be withstood.

As Christians leave church, each Sunday, they go into the world with all of its pressures.  They are under pressure at work, at home, at school, at social events and in innumerable circumstances.  Satan is seeking to apply the pressure to crush.  Those pressures cannot be stopped any more than the pressure of the ocean can be stopped.  That is the nature of going deep in this world.  But…greater is the pressure inside of a Christian than the pressure outside.  If one goes deep on the inside, then, when the outside pressures come, one will not cave in.  The inner pressure, the Spirit of God, has unmatchable strength.                                                    

  In Christ,


Yes, But Hunger Never Satisfied

Years ago as I walked down the streets of Atlanta, daily, I would encounter beggars and those displaying signs which read “Hungry” or “Need money for food.”  This is commonplace in larger cities and, no doubt, you to, have been exposed to similar experiences.  Many times, this is a rouse to get money and, therefore, there is one way to determine if they “really are” hungry.  Offer to take them and buy them a meal, at that very moment.

                 When money is given to a street beggar, it is possible that his hunger is for something other than food.  Like Jack Daniels or one of his cousins.  Or, perhaps, they are seeking money for drugs.    In all of the multiple years of passing these beggars, not one ever accepted my invitation for a hot meal.

             A lot of people are hungry for the wrong things and that wrong hunger distracts from the things of righteousness.  Ironically, a hunger after righteousness is the only way that satisfies the hunger for peace in the soul.  That seeking of worldliness distracts to the point of starving the soul to spiritual death.

            Beware of the condition of your soul and certain that it is well nourished with the things from above.


Luke 21:34; Rom. 12:2; James 4:4


                                                                                                                          In Christ,


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